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room serviceMade On New Street - Bernie Townsend   

Made On New Street is the new collection from the singer-songwriter Bernie Townsend.

While some of the tracks will be targeting the country music market it is clear the music will have a life beyond that and there are many songs here which should find favour among those DJs who are free to play music which is a little left of centre.

If you are looking for an album which will fit nicely onto daytime radio on mainstream radio stations you'll be disappointed as there is nothing here which ticks the boxes of those music directors, but, if you're after something which is different and original as an alternative to disposable pop music then you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Good to see "Little By Little," a Bernie Townsend solo single from many years ago, given a new outing for a new

Stuart Cameron


The Rescue - Forever Young GRR-RB-307   

"A refreshing new CD from a British Band that is worthy of being compared to one of the Nashville released Country Music albums. So good that The Rescue have secured a USA release with Aspirion Records, one of the leading new record companies in Nashville. In the UK it is on Gravel Road Records.

A 13 track album with 12 original numbers from Bernie Townsend. The theme of the album is today's country with some influence from the Americana genre. A great selection of instruments are used from the traditional Guitar, Steel, Dobro, Mandolin of the very talented Paul Henry, a left handed player who has worked with Van Morrison and used to be the late Lonnie Donegan's guitarist. Piano, Hammond, Harmonica and some great harmonies makes for an essential album to have in your collection. We will play this a lot."

Lee Williams
CMR Nashville

"I love the album - well worth the wait for sure!

You should be congratulated for taking the unorthodox route - like Paul Kennerley did with
"White Mansions" many years ago. That was ground breaking and this project is as close
as anyone has got to that since."

Stuart Cameron
Country Music News


room serviceToo Far Gone - Glenn Coleman  

"Too Far Gone" is a laid back country rock song by Glenn Coleman  -  its a kind of mix between Bob Seger and Jackson Browne and we are happy to be adding this track to the playlist

Randy Skaggs 
Q108 Radio, Ontario, Canada

"Too Far Gone" by Glenn Coleman  -  What a great radio track  -  we have play-listed this.

Tom Lambert 
The Independent Radio Show

Cool video and we are playing "Too Far Gone" on our BCB Crossroads Blues programme

David Clapham 
BCB Radio, UK

I really like "Too Far Gone" and its Rock/Blues roots

Stuart Cameron 
Radio Caroline, UK




Room Service
Room Service, a 4 piece like no other from the South of England, fuse contemporary rhythms and nostalgic riffs, producing an edgy, yet melodic, guitar driven pop sound that captivates any audience they play to along with their unforgettable choruses and stage presence...more

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