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room serviceBernie Townsend

Signed by Richard Vernon to Blue Horizon Records/Chipping Norton Records in the early 1980's, Bernie recorded two singles, 'Another Night' released in 1981 and featured on the late Alexis Korner's Radio 1 Playlist, and 'Little By Little' released in 1982 and featured on the Playlist of Bob Harris. On the back of the success of 'Another Night', an album was recorded in 1982 which reflected a track roster of cutting edge songs from the pen of Bernie Townsend and his long time writing partner Richard Sharpey, just prior to the advent of the new sounds coming out of Nashville and Austin at that time - the album was ostensibly recorded for the US market however for contractual reasons the product was shelved and remained untitled. Gravel Road Records has since acquired the rights to the album, as it was deemed the release of this product has been long overdue, and, in deference to the legendary and now long gone Chipping Norton Recording Studio, Bernie decided to title his first solo album 'Made On New Street'.

Since the release of 'Made On New Street' Gravel Road Records & Music have released a song from the album titled 'Just Won't Touch Me Now' which had a video released on You Tube in September 2014, and a debut single released to US radio in April 2015. Both the video and single saw critical acclaim and commercial success with the song peaking at #17 on the 'NMW' Adult Contemporary Top 40 US Radio Chart and #34 on the 'NMW' AC Hot 100 US Radio Chart and #7 on the 'NMW' Western Region AC Top 30 US Radio Chart at the end of June 2015 - in turn the video enjoys enormous ongoing support from the Vietnam Veterans of America and has now seen its appeal reach the mainstream audience in the USA.

On the strength of the success of 'Just Won't Touch Me Now', Gravel Road Records & Music released a follow up EP by BERNIE TOWNSEND titled 'The Day Before You' is available on worldwide download including iTunes.

In January 2016, Bernie Townsend was nominated in the 'Adult Contemporary Breakthrough Artist of the Year' category at the 'New Music Weekly' US Radio Awards for his hit song "Just Won't Touch Me Now".

During May 2018, Gravel Road Records released the new EP "No Good Will Come" by Bernie Townsend which is available on worldwide download including iTunes and Spotify together with the official video on You Tube. The lead track from the EP "No Good Will Come" is scheduled for a US radio release during summer 2018.

The title track from Bernie's EP release of the same name 'NO GOOD WILL COME' reached #6 on the US 'Adult Contemporary Top 40 Radio Chart' and #18 on the US 'Adult Contemporary National Radio Hits Top 40 Chart' and #28 on the US 'Main Country Top 50 Radio Chart' at the end of April 2019.

The new album 'NO GOOD WILL COME' by Bernie Townsend featuring 14 songs including his two US Radio Chart Hits 'No Good Will Come' and 'Just Won't Touch Me Now' is scheduled for release in both CD and Digital format on December 9th 2019.

The new song 'NO OTHER SIDE' by Bernie Townsend was written and composed by bereaved mother Virginia Krieger and Bernie Townsend and released in 2022 - 'No Other Side' highlights the struggles of bereaved families left behind as a result of the illicit fentanyl crisis. Revenue from the Video and EP is donated to 'LOST VOICES OF FENTANYL' and 'PARENTS AGAINST ILLICIT NARCOTICS'.

In early 2023 a new arrangement was recorded of the song 'Still In Saigon' by Bernie Townsend and long time friend, Vietnam Veteran and guitarist/songwriter Glenn Coleman as a timely project in light of the fact it is the 50th year since the end of US combat operations in Vietnam




Abigail Scott is a singer-songwriter from South London, UK who has had to overcome many challenges to get her new tracks released to the wider public in the form of her new EP "TIN SOLDIERS" released on Gravel Road Records & Music during November 2016 to worldwide digital download including iTunes and featuring two self-penned songs "Tin Soldiers" and "Side Effects" plus a reworking of the Angie Stone track "I Wish I Didn't Miss You".

Abigail's career started at the age of 15 when she began writing her own songs and recording in a studio environment and later performed her songs at various youth clubs and then music venues where she began to build her confidence and her catalogue of original songs which was reflected in the positive feedback and responses to her 'live' performances at All Starz Reading Festival, Kensington Roof Gardens, Cargo, Hoxton Academy and many more.

It was this raw vocal talent and the personal and insightful stories within her songs that brought her to the attention of Gravel Road Records & Music who signed Abigail to the label without any hesitation and shortly after recorded the new EP "Tin Soldiers".

During October 2017, the single "Tin Soldiers" was released to American radio stations nationwide and became a Hit on US radio charts and peaked during February 2018 at #18 on the 'Adult Contemporary US Radio Top 40 Chart' and at #45 on the 'A/C US Hot 100' and #2 on both the 'A/C US Indie Top 30 and A/C US Western Region Top 20' charts - "Tin Soldiers" was also a 'cross-over' Hit and peaked at #42 on the 'Country Main Chart' and #23 on the 'Country Top 30 Indie Chart'.

In March 2018 the lead track from Abigail's new EP "Damaged" was released to American radio stations nationwide and finally peaked in July 2018 at #7 on the 'Adult Contemporary US Radio Top 40 Chart' and #14 on the 'A/C US Hot 100' and #4 on the 'A/C US Indie Top 30' and #2 on the 'A/C US Western Region Top 20 Chart' and #11 on the 'US National Radio Charts A/C Top 40'.

Abigail Scott is scheduled to play at the 'Acoustic Festival of Britain' at Uttoxeter on 2nd June 2018, and at the 'Victorious Festival' at Portsmouth on 25th August 2018.


Glenn Coleman

Born in Baltimore MD and raised in Florida where his musical career as a guitarist-songwriter blossomed over the years and included a long term relocation to Texas and back and it was while living in the Lone Star State that Glenn Coleman came to the attention of UK label Gravel Road Records & Music and he signed with them in February 2014. The unique guitar and slide guitar style of Glenn Coleman and his well crafted self-penned songs that are delivered with an after hours bluesy voice are evident within his first EP release titled 'Too Far Gone' which was recorded at Panhandle Studio in Denton, Texas and the label's studio in the UK. The EP 'Too Far Gone' by Glenn Coleman is available on worldwide download from iTunes and all major sites and the Gravel Road Records Store.

Glenn has an EP titled "Delta Mae" released in February 2016 and available on worldwide download including iTunes and all major sites and the Gravel Road Records Store.

During the summer of 2017, a remastered version of Glenn's first release "Too Far Gone" was released to American radio nationwide and in turn this track peaked #17 on the 'Adult Contemporary US Radio Top 40 Chart' and #53 on the 'A/C US Radio Hot 100' and #9 on the 'A/C Top 30 Indie Chart' and #5 on the 'A/C US Western Region Top 20' together with a 'cross-over' placing at #20 on the 'Main Country Chart'.



Tim Howe - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Tarn Ockenden - Guitar, Vocals

Objayda's secret lies in the unlikely songwriting partnership between Tarn Ockenden and Tim Howe, following their chance meeting at a recording session back in the Eighties. They have written, recorded and released eight studio albums and gained radio and television coverage from BBC Radio One and BBC2. Their last single "Skeleton Bob" has been championed by UK celebrity Frank Skinner on his national radio breakfast show, and who is reputed to be a fan. Objayda are a truly unique brand of alternative rock/pop and this is reflected so well in their EP release "SLEEPY SUBURBIA" which was popular on radio playlists in Canada and Europe.

The new album "REBEL ROSE" by Objayda has just been released and already has two songs from the album, "Rebel Rose" and "Everybody Loves A Winner" featured on radio playlists in the US, Canada, UK and Europe.



The Rescue

Bernie Townsend - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,
Harmonica and Vocal Harmonies
Paul Henry - Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Dobro, Pedal Steel
and Vocal Harmonies
Richard Sharpey - Piano, Hammond Organ, Strings, Electric Piano
and Vocal Harmonies

Formed in 1999, the band released their first album in 2001 - the eponymous 'The Rescue' by THE RESCUE was met with critical acclaim in the UK, Europe and Australia by radio presenters and media alike. The title track, 'The Rescue', together with 'Those Who Make The Difference' and 'When Our Ship Comes In' were all released as singles and all charted in the CHI/Americana-Country Top 30.
In 2003, THE RESCUE released a brand new song entitled 'Too Late', written by Bernie Townsend and Mick Gardiner, which was to become their biggest chart success on the Americana-Country charts.
The band returned to the studio in 2005/2006 and recorded their second album 'Forever Young' which reflected a 13 song track list including re-recordings of 'Those Who Make The Difference', 'When Our Ship Comes In' and 'As Big As The Sky'. In 2007 the band's label signed them to a deal with Nashville record label ARG-Aspirion Records and the album was released in the US and Canada, again meeting with critical acclaim, airplay and download success.
During 2011, the deal with their US label expired and Gravel Road Records are now in the process of moving THE RESCUE to a new US label for 2012, with a US re-release scheduled later this year.
The album 'Forever Young' by THE RESCUE is scheduled for its first UK release on 13th April 2012, and with a CD/single entitled 'Blue Eyed Baby' taken from the album and due for release two weeks later.


room serviceRoom Service

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Mike Bladen - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Tom Woodward - Bass/ Vocals
Antony Hart - Guitar
Curtis Allam - Drums



Room Service, a four piece like no other from the South of England, fuse contemporary rhythms and nostalgic riffs, producing an edgy, yet melodic, guitar driven pop sound that captivates any audience they play to along with their unforgettable choruses and stage presence.

The band formed officially during March 2010


Gravel Road Records & Music welcomes new signing SASKIA to the label and we look forward to her first EP release in early 2021.









Room Service
Room Service, a 4 piece like no other from the South of England, fuse contemporary rhythms and nostalgic riffs, producing an edgy, yet melodic, guitar driven pop sound that captivates any audience they play to along with their unforgettable choruses and stage presence...more

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