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      'Still In Saigon' - Bernie Townsend and
      Glenn Coleman

The re-arrangement and recording of 'Still In Saigon' by Bernie Townsend and long time friend, Vietnam veteran and guitarist/songwriter Glenn Coleman is a timely project in light of the fact we are at the 50th year since the end of US combat operations in Vietnam.



Track list -
Still In Saigon (D Daley)
Always Looking (B Townsend)
Delta Mae (G Coleman)

Musicians -
Bernie Townsend - Vocals, Harmonies and Acoustic Guitar
Glenn Coleman - Electric Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
and Vocal Harmonies
Jacob Corr - Bass Guitar, Keyboards and Vocal Harmonies
Rooster Boxwood - Drums

Production Credits -
Bernie Townsend, Glenn Coleman and Jacob Corr

      'No Other Side' - Bernie Townsend


The song 'NO OTHER SIDE' by Bernie Townsend was written and composed by bereaved mother Virginia Krieger and Bernie Townsend - 'No Other Side' highlights the struggles of bereaved families left behind as a result of the illicit fentanyl crisis. Revenue from the Video and EP is donated to 'LOST VOICES OF FENTANYL' and 'PARENTS AGAINST ILLICIT NARCOTICS'.



Track list -
No Other Side (V Krieger / B Townsend)
For A Dancer (J Browne)
Your Innocent Son (B Townsend)

Musicians -
Bernie Townsend - Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica
Jacob Corr - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Strings, Bass Guitar and
Vocal Harmonies
Glenn Coleman - Electric Guitar
Richard Sharpey - Piano, Hammond Organ (on 'Your Innocent Son')
Bernie Taylor - Bass Guitar (on 'Your Innocent Son')
Mark Bickerstaff - Electric Guitar (on 'Your Innocent Son')
The Gospelaires - Vocal Harmonies (on 'Your Innocent Son')

Production Credits -
Bernie Townsend and Jacob Corr


No Good Will Come' - BERNIE TOWNSEND

The new album NO GOOD WILL COME by Bernie Townsend is an eclectic mix of 14 songs steeped in the 'Americana' genre and which includes his US radio Top 40 Chart Hits 'No Good Will Come' and 'Just Won't Touch Me Now'.


Track Listing

Blue Eyed Baby
No Good Will Come
Sold My Soul
The One Survivor
Around The Bend
We Are Deplorable
Straight 8 Fireball
Just Won't Touch Me Now
Dancin' With The Wind
Too Far Gone
A Matter Of Conviction
12 Bars
Those Who Make The Difference



7 Day Delivery






No Good Will Come' - BERNIE TOWNSEND


This semi-acoustic 3 song EP by Bernie Townsend is a classic example of the 'Americana' genre from the social commentary of "No Good Will Come" to the end of the innocence of "1969" and the immigrant's perspective of "When Our Ship Comes In".

Track Listing
No Good Will Come - (B Townsend)
1969 - (K Stegall / G Harrison / D Henson)
When Our Ship Comes In - (B Townsend / R Sharpey)




"Damaged", the new EP by Abigail Scott is a collection of 3 beautifully crafted new songs written by Abigail and her new co-writer Pete Murray that reflect both her skills as a songwriter and her abilities as a singer that first came to the attention of the music industry on her first release and American Hit "Tin Soldiers".

Track Listing
Damaged - (A Scott / P Murray)
Love A Little More - (A Scott / P Murray)
Remember - (A Scott / P Murray)


'Tin Soldiers' - ABIGAIL SCOTT


This 3 song EP is a wonderful cross-section of the vocal and songwriting talents of Abigail Scott and with the lyrically poignant "Tin Soldiers" currently on playlists in Canada and scheduled for US radio in Summer 2017 then the future for this unique South London singer-songwriter is looking bright.

Track Listing
Tin Soldiers - (A Scott / J Drayan / M Giltjes / G Walis)
Side Effects - (A Scott / L Williams)
I Wish I Didn't Miss You - (A Martin / G McFadden / J Whitehead / L Huff / I Matias)


'Relentless' - GLENN COLEMAN


Following the success of 'Delta Mae' earlier this year Gravel Road Records have released a new 13 song album titled 'Relentless' by Glenn Coleman. The album was recorded at studios in Ormond Beach, Daytona, Florida and mixed by Jacob Corr at studios in Surrey, England and contains 13 original tracks by American Guitarist-Singer/Songwriter Glenn Coleman.

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Track Listing
Constant Vision
Too Far Gone
Delta Mae
Whispering Pine
Farmer's Daughter
Thanksgiving Day
Play The Game
The Grind
The Journey
Sink Or Swim
No Foolin'

(All songs written by Glenn Coleman with the exception of "Farmer's Daughter" which was co-written by Tava Smathers)



''The Day Before You' - BERNIE TOWNSEND


Release date - Spring 2016

After the US radio success of the debut single 'Just Wont Touch Me Now' by Bernie Townsend, his record label Gravel Road Records have just released his new four song EP 'The Day Before You'. This EP was recorded at studios in Denton, Texas and Leeds, Yorkshire during early 2015 and features two songs from the pen of Bernie Townsend and co-writers Richard Sharpey, Glenn Coleman and Richard Fry together with two songs from the catalogues of Matthew West and Marc Cohn.

Track Listing
The Day Before You - (M West)
Straight 8 Fireball - (B Townsend/G Coleman/R Fry)
Those Who Make The Difference - (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
True Companion - (M Cohn)



'RebelRose' - OBJAYDA
The recently released new album 'Rebel Rose' by Objayda is an original mix of alternative pop songs written and produced by Tim Howe and Tarn Ockenden. Opening with the frantic energy of 'Everybody Loves A Winner', which has been featured on the playlist of UK celebrity DJ Frank Skinner , to the spaced out, dreamy harmonics of 'Parkour Love'. True stories, fairy tales and observations on life abound to make this album a truly memorable and stand out record in anyone's collection.  


Track Listing
1. Everybody Loves A Winner (Skeleton Bob) 2:09
2. Rebel Rose 2:29
3. Frozen Souls 3:17
4. Cloudburst 3:29
5. Inner Strength (Tom’s Song) 3:31
6. Sleepy Suburbia 3:53
7. Pegasus Bridge 4:08
8. South Downs Way 3:16
9. Suffragettes In My Veins 4:05
10. Waters Edge 3:23
11. Slow Burn 4:03
12. VHS Rewind 3:13
13. Parkour Love 4:00

14. Solar 3:47
15. Colours Of My Room 3:06
16. Secrets 2:54
17. Touch 5:34

(Ockenden / Howe)
Tim Howe – bass guitar/vocals/keys
Tarn Ockenden – guitar/vocals





Release date 6th February 2016

The new EP "Delta Mae" by Glenn Coleman is a perfect example of his Southern Rock roots with his after hours bluesy vocals and his stellar electric, acoustic and slide guitar performances on these three self-penned songs that reflect the far corners of the genre.

Track Listing
Delta Mae - (G Coleman)
The Journey - (G Coleman)
Whispering Pine - (G Coleman)


'Made On New Street' - BERNIE TOWNSEND

Release date - 1st September 2012


This album features ten songs from the pen of Bernie Townsend and long time co-writer Richard Sharpey and is firmly placed in the Country/Americana genre. The songs are emotive, particularly 'Just Wont Touch Me Now' which is based on the experience of a friend of Bernie's on his return from the Vietnam War in the early 1970's, and evocative as in 'Mississippi 1964' - from the bass slapping, slide and piano driven 'Hold On' to the heartfelt ballad 'Every Bit Of My Heart', this album is a sharp reminder that good songs know no boundaries, no matter what the genre.

The album was produced by Richard Vernon, Bernie Townsend and Barry Hammond with the exception of 'Down In The Quarter' which was produced by the legendary Hugh Murphy. The album without a title that had sat in a studio library for far too long, has finally seen the light of day under the title 'Made On New Street' in deference to the location of Chipping Norton Recording Studios where the album was written and recorded.

'Made On New Street' by Bernie Townsend is available on download sites worldwide and through the label website - The album is scheduled for general release in October of this year.

Track Listing
Hold On  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
Little By Little  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
Out Of Reach  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
Just Wont Touch Me Now  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
Every Bit Of My Heart  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
If I Could Only  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
Mississippi 1964  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
Soul Serenade  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
Down In The Quarter  -  (B Townsend)
Another Night  -  (B Townsend)

'Too Far Gone' - Glenn Coleman

Release date - 23rd May 2014


'Too Far Gone' is an EP of five well crafted songs written and recorded by American Guitarist-Songwriter Glenn Coleman and released on Gravel Road Records. From the atmospheric title track 'Too Far Gone' to the classic American Rock track 'Play The Game', to the laid back summer sounds of 'Drift' and the Southern Rock roots in 'The Grind', together with the beautiful harmony guitar instrumental track 'Answers', this Work is in danger of becoming a classic. Gravel Road Records have slated an album release for Glenn Coleman later in the year with each of the songs from the EP featured on the track roster.

The EP was produced by Glenn Coleman and recorded at Panhandle Studios, Denton, Texas and mixed at Gravel Road Records in the UK by Jacob Corr. Executive Production by Scott Robinson and Bernie Townsend.

Track Listing
Too Far Gone  -  (G Coleman)
Play The Game  -  (G Coleman)
Drift  -  (G Coleman)
Answers  -  (G Coleman)
The Grind  -  (G Coleman)

'Sleepy Suburbia' - Objayda


The EP "Sleepy Suburbia" by Objayda is an eclectic mix of very original and cleverly arranged songs written by Tim Howe, (vocals/bass) and Tarn Ockenden, (vocals/guitar). The outer city-life "Sleepy Suburbia" and its quirky video is the designated lead track and with the haunting "Pegasus Bridge", the beautiful "South Downs Way" and the hard driving "Solar", we at Gravel Road Records believe that Objayda and their defiance of genre will find their songs equally at home on either side of the Atlantic over the times to come.

Track Listing
Sleepy Suburbia (T Ockenden/T Howe)
Pegasus Bridge (T Ockenden/T Howe)
South Downs Way (T Ockenden/T Howe)
Solar (T Ockenden/T Howe)

'Forever Young' - THE RESCUE

Release date - 13th April 2012



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The album was released and distrbuted in late 2007 in the US and Canada by
ARG-Aspirion Records of Nashville under licence from Gravel Road Records and met with critical acclaim and download success in that market.
The album reflects the varying influences of Southern Rock, Country, Blues, Tex Mex and Muscle Shoals inspired Southern Soul from the pen of Bernie Townsend and his co-writers Richard Sharpey, Richard Fry and Paul Henry. This work is a true product of the Americana genre' and is rich in storytelling and melody and supported by stellar musicianship and finely crafted harmonies. The album also features the song 'Dancin' With The Wind' written by Craig Bickhardt and Jack Sundrud, (now of Poco), from their days in the band Great Plains.

Track Listing
Dancin' With The Wind  -  (C Bickhardt/J Sundrud)
Those Who Make The Difference  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
When Our Ship Comes In  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
Forever Young  -  (B Townsend)
Straight 8 Fireball  -  (B Townsend/R Fry)
Blue Eyed Baby  -  (B Townsend/R Fry)
Knee Deep In The Water  -  (B Townsend/R Fry)
Looking For You  -  (B Townsend)
El Cinizo  -  (B Townsend)
Texas Soap Bar  -  (B Townsend/P Henry/R Fry)
As Big As The Sky  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
A Thousand Miles  -  (B Townsend/R Fry)
Back To The Crossroads  -  (B Townsend/R Fry)

'The Rescue' - THE RESCUE

Release date - 24th July 2012



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THE RESCUE - Formed in 1999, the band released their first album on Fat Cat Records in 2001 - the eponymous 'The Rescue' by THE RESCUE was met with critical acclaim in the UK, Europe and Australia by radio presenters and media alike. The title track, 'The Rescue', together with 'Those Who Make The Difference' and 'When Our Ship Comes In' were released as singles and all charted in the CHI/Americana-Country Top 30.

With the recent release in the UK of their current album 'Forever Young', Gravel Road Records have decided to make the first album 'The Rescue' - THE RESCUE available online.

Track Listing
Those Who Make The Difference (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
The Rescue (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
When Our Ship Comes In (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
Just Won't Touch Us Now (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
Mississippi 1964 (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
If I Could Only (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
Another Night (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
As Big As The Sky (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
Deep In My Soul (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
The Heat Of The Moment (B Townsend / R Sharpey)
Now You Are Here (B Townsend / R Sharpey)

'Too Late' - THE RESCUE

Release date - 1st Jan 2013


The Rescue release previously unreleased track.

'Too Late' is a previously unreleased song by THE RESCUE that was put out as a Promo-Radio release between the release of the first album 'The Rescue' - THE RESCUE and the second album by THE RESCUE - 'Forever Young'.

The song was written by Bernie Townsend and the late Mick Gardiner and is the feature track on this three song cd by THE RESCUE. This release also includes 'Blue Eyed Baby' from the album 'Forever Young'  and the title track 'The Rescue' from their first album 'The Rescue'.

Track Listing
Too Late  -  (B Townsend/M Gardiner)
Blue Eyed Baby  -  (B Townsend/R Fry)
The Rescue  -  (B Townsend/R Sharpey)


'Don't Say a Word' - ROOM SERVICE


ROOM SERVICE completed three major tours of the UK in 2013 and are scheduled for a further UK tour in April 2014. Their first single for the label 'Edge Of The Night' was released on worldwide download during 2013, and their recent return to the studio has resulted in the release of a new five song EP entitled 'Dont Say A Word' which is available on both worldwide download and CD on general release and at the label STORE Page



Gravel Road Records & Music welcomes new signing SASKIA to the label and we look forward to her first EP release in early 2021.









Room Service
Room Service, a 4 piece like no other from the South of England, fuse contemporary rhythms and nostalgic riffs, producing an edgy, yet melodic, guitar driven pop sound that captivates any audience they play to along with their unforgettable choruses and stage presence...more

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